Vivek Tiwari

Vivek Tiwari, professionally a Seafarer is a part-time Blogger, A budding website designer, Music Enthusiast and a true Nationalist. His profession has taken him to places and in the process he developed a fine liking towards different societal aspects around the world. Sailing and absorbing the surfeit of nature has brought him into its closer communion. In a very similar way, his idea of putting across a digital magazine which will be an amalgamation of different genres. “Blogical” is the place where we get to see and explore more of his amusing sensitivities and penchant in various fields, such as politics, literature, lifestyles, technology, gadgets, social awareness and self-help. His distinction as an individual is highly reflective in the splendor & magnificence of his contributions to Blogical. He is here with his every bit of experience, knowledge, edge, creativity and vision to build, create and transform the simplistic art & science into an enriching visual and prose.