10 Signs, You are with your Soulmate

When we think of Soulmate, lot of contrasting thoughts cross our minds, and being a part of technology and scientifically evolved world, it leaves you with enough reasons to not consider such concepts. Being a practical person, it was hard for me to accept the same, but sometimes we need to be open to hypothetical ideas as well. Like in the very beginning of our school lives we were taught about many physical, geographical laws & beliefs, and we submit to those ideas. Similarly sometimes in life we need acceptance for feelings which become unreasonably true, and one of them is the soulmate connection. There is plethora of articles discussed and written about the same. Concepts like you can have a soulmate connection with your pet, best friend, or more than one soulmate, soulmate connection is not always a romantic one etc etc..

In all these chaos of definition, we get these 10 sure shot signs, which says, you connect at soul level. Check them out and if you find them, then for sure, it is just not two bodies but two souls synchronizing itself to the tune of divinity.

1. You have been in the same city, place or exact location before: May be an   year back or during your childhood, but this person was in the same city or place   as you, before meeting you.


2. You have telepathic connection: It is very rare to find such connections where   technology is no more needed to stay in touch. You are constantly in touch through your minds. You do not need to mention, “ I miss you” because both of  you know, when you are missing the other. It is exactly the same time and you  know it.


3. You feel safe and secure: There are no curse words, fights or jealousy experienced. You are just so damn confident about each other. No matter how unrealistic the circumstances become, you know it in your heart, this is not going to get over. Even if you fight or disagree still you do it together. You don’t fight  each other but you fight for each other.


4. This person becomes the milestone person in your life: Your life had been going rocky or smooth, be it whatever, once your soulmate is in, it changes. You can precisely define your life before and after meeting your soulmate. You may not end up together in the long run, but the change you experience after this  person, will remain throughout your life.


5. You share the same profession: Yes, you both might be engineers, or accountants or lawyers etc. You have common profession, and you understand that very well. Apart from common profession, you also share similar goals in life, like being rich, or writer or entrepreneur, etc.


6. Your solar plexus are always in tune with your partner: You feel a deep , suffocating pain in your solar plexus, and it is this pain that connects you. Anything experienced by the other is transferred immediately to the other. It feels  like you have a rope connecting your hearts and you can never break that. It is a  similar thing that is experienced by twins as well.


7. Your silence is comfortable: You don’t get the urge to always talk. Even if you remain silent, still conversation keeps going. Not all relationship can remain comfortably tacit, except a soulmate connection and this peace is enormously divine.


8. You know you are home: This person becomes your home. You experience exactly the same feeling , that you get when you return home. You know , you can be best , worst, lazy and careless, like the way you are at home and still experience the same intensity of affection and love towards each other without getting judged.


9. You experience longer eye contacts than in any other relationships: Eyes are considered to be the windows to the soul, and having an eye contact for a longer duration becomes uncomfortable. But when you are with your soulmate, more than you, it is the eyes that speak. You look directly into the eyes and the rest just stops existing anymore. You are most comfortable in an eye contact with your soulmate and this conversation involves you so much that you forget about your surroundings.


10. You intuition guides you: In the very beginning of this relationship, multiple times you fall in and out of touch. It is such a strong connection, that your souls are not ready to absorb the energy exchange. But gradually over a period of time  and many numerous in and out of touch circumstances, you settle down with this person and with time you accept, that your search is now over. You are home.





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