20 Must Visit Lounges & Restaurants In Mumbai

20 Must Visit Lounges & Restaurants In Mumbai


Aer Lounge

Marvel at the panoramic city and sea views and the endless ceiling of sky and stars at AER, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai’s rooftop bar. Covering the entire roof of Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, this 34th-floor open-air lounge creates an atmosphere of chic relaxation high above the bustling streets of Worli. AER welcomes guests year round including the famous monsoon season. Adorning a canopy and windscreen during the monsoon season, AER offers a memorable experience at a new high.
Location: Worli, Mumbai
Cost : Rs. 5,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Spanish, Italian, European, Lebanese
Known For: hours :Its view of the city
Ohours:5:30 PM to 1:30 AM


Dome Intercontinental

Few places are more romantic than a rooftop sky bar overlooking the sea and the twinkling lights of the city below. Dome, located on the hotel’s 8th floor, captures the mood with an informal, open-air lounge and terrace restaurant offering a selection of international grilled items, cocktails, premium wines and cigars. Soft light streaming through the Dome’s windows adds a warm glow.
Few places are more romantic than a rooftop sky bar overlooking the sea and the twinkling lights of the city below. Dome, located on the hotel’s 8th floor, captures the mood with an informal, open-air lounge and terrace restaurant offering a selection of international grilled items, cocktails, premium wines and cigars. Soft light streaming through the Dome’s windows adds a warm glow.

Location: Churchgate, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 3,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: North Indian, Sushi, Finger Food
Known For: Its View of the sea from the rooftop
Opening hours: 5 PM to 1 AM


Asilo Palladium

Asilo, the Hotel’s rooftop restaurant and lounge, has taken the city by storm with its stunning panoramic views and Mediterranean ambience.
The white decor, warm wooden flooring and chic outdoor seating with Private Dining Lounges instantly transports one to a Santorini state of mind. The food selection is best enjoyed with the signature dishes cooked fresh off the Robata Grill.

Location: Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Cost: Rs. 3,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Finger Food, European
Known For: Cabana-Styled Seating
Opening hours: 5:30 PM to 1 AM


Skky Lounge Ramada

SKKY is Ramada Powai’s signature restrolounge and bar, and one of the first rooftop dining experiences in Mumbai.Embark on a culinary journey so unique and satisfying that you may just forget about the ambience of lush greenery and flowing waters, the surrounding hills that whistle with cool breezes and the sheer expanse of open skies and twinkling stars above you.Tantalize your taste buds with a selection of Pan Asian cuisine, Gourmet Pizza, Middle-eastern delicacies and an absolutely divine dessert menu with handcrafted ice-creams, all of it complemented by a superb selection of domestic and international spirits, wines, signature cocktails & sundowners.The perfect setting for a romantic evening.
Location: Powai, Mumbai.
Cost: Rs. 3,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol.
Cuisines: Asian, Pizza
Known For: Rooftop location in the heart of Powai.
Opening hours: 5 PM to 1 AM


Gadda Da Vida

Mumbai’s most admired sunset point destination, Gadda Da Vida overlooks the magnificent Arabian Sea and is surely the place to experience the finest sunsets, soothing sound and view of the sea along with exotic cocktails and music to rock your senses and set the mood for the evening. The expansive main bar boasts a range of finest spirits and creative foods. For those looking forward to catching up with friends, the exotic cocktails and a large list of coffees and teas will surely set the mood for the evening.
Location: Juhu, Mumbai.
Cost: Rs. 4,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Continental
Known For: View of the sea
Opening hours: 2 PM to 1:30 AM


The Marina Roof-Top

Set amidst the classic, Heritage Sea Palace Hotel, it boasts of the most picturesque, panoramic views of the harbour, uninterrupted breeze and world music.The upbeat and relaxed atmosphere is the perfect setting to enjoy drinks over sunset with friends, savour delicious kebabs & grills or simply relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. Experiment with a variety of sinfully delicious cocktails, relax with a book or entertain a client, this place is private yet awe-inspiring. Not to mention, the winds of romance grace this rooftop haven so couples will lose themselves in the un-ending ocean view all around them while enjoying a cozy candle light dinner paired with fine wines. This place is truly like no other.Get ready to experience the most indulging view of the Arabian Sea. Colaba has never looked more beautiful.
Location: Colaba, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,800 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: North Indian, Chinese
Known For: Breath taking view of the Mumbai skyline
Opening hours: 5 PM to 1 AM


Koyla Lounge

Koyla Ethnic Cuisine is a Fine Dine Restaurant serving the Authentic North Western Cuisine in the City of Mumbai. It is the Landmark in the field of North Western Indian Cuisine Restaurants in Mumbai, with some Breathtaking Ambience; this place offers a great option to Dine outside with friends, family and colleagues. If you have not been to Koyla then you’ve been misssing the best place to eat outside.
Location: Andheri, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,500 for two people (approx.)
Cuisines: North Indian, Mughlai
Known For: Its Cabana-style seating
Opening hours: 7 PM to 1:30 AM


The Little Door

In your daily life there are very few places you come across that allow you to just unwind. No jarring lights, no over the top décor – just a beautiful place that takes you away to a happy state of mind. At TLD, there’s something special about the food and drinks. We aren’t the take it or leave it people. We’re more like the we’re happy to actually implement feedback you’ve given us – time and again, until we’re perfect and even after that, there’s always room for more. Fun nights here are about the happy clink of glasses, cheering friends as you Chug the Jug to The TLD Wall of Fame, football matches, cricket matches, winning and losing, Happiest Hours, party till the wee hours, Beer Pong, dance and song, friends that you bring along, friends that you carry out. We’re as good as home, because even at home sometimes you aren’t as well understood as you are at The Little Door.
Location: Andheri West, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,800 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Finger Food, Spanish, Italian
Known For: Being a place for catching up with friends over drink
Opening hours: 12 Noon to 1 AM


He Said She Said

India’s First Shot Bar & Cafe arrives in Mumbai and how!
13,500 sq. ft. spread across Ground, 1st Floor & a Terrace… for all matters He Said, She Said.
He Said She Said was built around the philosophy that Men & Women can put aside their differences in exchange for having a great time together! What started as a pre-party place is soon turning out to be one of the most famous hang-outs in the country. New Delhi… Mumbai… watch out for more!
Location: Andheri, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,400 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Italian, Cafe, American, Mexican, Mughlai, Finger Food
Known For: Unique ambience & huge variety of shots
Opening hours: 12 Noon to 1:30 AM



“Gangsta’s” a new a hospitality venture by Aallia Hospitality pvt Ltd, is situated in the heart of the Mumbai in the vibrant suburb of Bandra. Its main appeal is its New York Bars inpired glitzy yet grungy interiors . It reeks of a very edgy ambiance which would be appealing to the international as well as the cities local occupants.
The venue’s main aim is to pamper its clientele’s ego & to make them feel comfortable within the venu’s premises.
The Gangsta’s Bar challenges itself to be different from most other bars in its vicinity. It promises of having the best brands in the industry & a positive vibe that is to live for. The food at the venue is mainly food for the soul. Just the right ingredients making up a mouth watering multi cuisine menu. The venue will be a delight to people looking to relax after hours & for those who would like to be a part of the most talked about social circles. Gangsta’s also has an upper level called “Up Yours” which will be a heaven for social fun, frolick and Mischief. An arena for social activity, this 7000 sq ft, working man’s den, will surely be one of the most talked about places for the many years to come.
Location: Bandra West, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 2,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Cafe
Known For: All Day Cafe & Bar
Opening hours: 12 Noon to 1 AM


The Bar Stock Exchange

The Bar Stock Exchange is designed to bestow you with an unique trade experience in drinking and dining (similar to the stock market trade). It is purely meant for people who like to have fun while keeping themselves on the edge of their seats. The tailor made Bar Stock Exchange concept, transforms the paper based menu to an android based menu with dynamic pricing. Prices increase as more customers order the same drink and decrease if fewer customers order. This creates an ambience similar to the stock exchange market with prices guided by demand and supply. Adding on to the excitement is the unanticipated market crash! The market crash feature leads to a timely and controlled drop in the pricing of selected drinks. Patrons are sure to be enthralled with this special experience that is fashioned to transform a simplistic lounge to an entertainment zone.
Customers can place the order by themselves using the proprietary ‘The Bar Stock Exchange’ app. Waiting staff can alternately book orders via android apps provided to them. There are multiple TV screens that will display the fluctuation in the alcohol prices and play a loud siren to alert customers when the market is about to crash. This is the place where you trade your money for an experience that is sure to provide you an adrenal rush!
Location: Andheri East, Mumbai.
Cost: Rs. 1,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Continental, Chinese, North Indian, Italian, Mexican
Known For: One of its kind ambience
Opening hours: 12:30 PM to 4 PM, 6 PM to 1:30 AM


Breeze Lounge

A visit here is a treat for the senses. Right from breathtaking views on both sides of the restaurant to unbelievable quietness enveloping you, to the largest possible spread of authentic European and Punjabi vegetarian delicacies; to the choicest international spirits, every little detail has been taken care of to provide you a memorable experience. Add to it, an unmatched hospitality where the staff take care of your needs and yet are careful enough to not intrude on your privacy. It’s only natural that soon you will be craving for more. Breeze (Powai) is a lounge bar serving Mediterranean cuisine and European Tapas all day with a wide range of imported spirits and wines of the world.
Location: Powai, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,600 for two people (approx.)
Cuisines: Italian, Mediterranean
Known For: A vegetarian lounge with a view of the Powai Lake
Opening hours: 12 Noon to 1 AM


Chenab Dhaba Restaurant

As the name says, they have been able to bring the touch of Punjabi tradition in their ambience and food. They take you to the begone era. To bring you cuisine from north-west frontier that has seen war, success & many a royal feast. They believe that promo is inviting enoughto get you in, and their chefs ensure you come back for more.Its not just a restaurant, its the home to the royal recipes of the Punjab.
Location: Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,200 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: North Indian
Known For: Open Air Roof Top Dhaba
Opening hours: 6 PM to 12:30 AM


Cowboys Cafe

Whenever new ways of enjoying life, food and drinks are talked about, the road has always led to the West and the most dominant way is undisputedly “The Cowboy Way.”
We love Cowboys, ain’t we fellows?
They are the epitome of wild, free, ruggedness and enjoying life with no bullshit restrictions. But, haven’t you realised we are also very identical to cowboys, defying rules, living life with no boundaries?
Alas, the only thing lacking for our Indian Cowboys and Cowgirls is their very own Cowboy Restaurant.
So, here we are, with Mumbai’s 1st Cowboy-themed Lounge with a voluminous 3200 sq. ft. space to give you an absolute feel of Cowboys’ era. Right from wild variety of food, booze, country music, retro bands, waiters, everything is frantic. Having said that, Cowboys Cafe is a hub of many celebrities from the Indian entertainment industry. With a seating capacity of over 100 and humungous open space, you can lounge around the cafe and get social with other people. A private party area accommodating 35-40 souls is the highlight of the cafe. We serve liquor from world over and most exotic cocktails while the mouth watering snacks are worth trying.
Feeling excited already? Well, Cowboys don’t’ wait. So, saddle up friends and take the ‘Wild Wild West’ journey of your life in your Cowboys Cafe.
Location: Sanpada, Navi Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,500 for two people (approx.)
Cuisines: Finger Food, Continental
Known For: The Cowboy theme
Opening hours: 11 AM to 12 Midnight


Rain Forest

A themed restaurant which caters to all your 5 senses and offers a delightful concoction of Italian, Chinese and Indian fare amidst a tropical setting! With the hectic pace of modern city life, it’s important to take time out and rejuvenate.Fortunate indeed are those of us who live within easy access to natural stands of rainforest. To walk within that rainforest, to feel the peace and tranquillity, and to experience oneness with nature – surely we all wish for this at some time in our busy commercial lives.
RainForest – a resto bar renders an indigenous theme contemplating the green serenity about you.We let you satiate your thirst & experience culinary splendour amidst the jungle. Get mesmerised by the lush, green RainForest & have the awe-inspiring experience of standing in the heart of a jungle.
Location: CBD Belapur East, Navi Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 2,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Chinese, North Indian, Italian, Seafood
Known For: Forest Like ambience
Opening hour: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight


British Brewing Company

Come on in and make yourself at home in your neighbourhoods’, BB Company. We at BB Company are passionate people with a British twist. We serve only the best of local and international beers, spirits and wines paired with freshly prepared simple un pretentious food sprinkled with a little bit of love. “In Great Britain, your “local” pub, bar, restaurant is the centre of town life: a place to relax, meet friends and family, refuel the body and the spirit, share news and be entertained and reconnect in an unhurried and welcoming atmosphere. BB Company has been delivering that same atmosphere and service for generations. Our eclectic menu, unparalleled beer and cocktail choices, and an array of music nightly, make BB Company the local destination for English pub-style fun, food relaxation and refreshment. Whether it’s a business lunch, an after work get-together, a family dinner in friendly surroundings, or a late night soirée of great music over pints with friends, come visit your new “local” today.” The British Brewing Company is said to have been formed in Hampstead, north-west of London. It produced beer for the citizens of London and soon developed a reputation for its quality. Sir David Herald, the founder, then decided to open the doors of their brewery’s in-house restaurant and café to Londoners, to let them sample their great beer with freshly made food and of course the legendary British Hospitality. Somewhere relaxed where people could mingle in a welcoming atmosphere, a place where everyone knew their name.
Location: Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,600 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Italian, Continental
Known For: Being one of the finest breweries
Opening hours: 12 Noon to 12:30 AM




Wherever you are in the world, there will always be that one bar which always makes you feel welcome, hanging there becomes a ritual coz its your home away from home. At Santé, drink to remember or to forget, be it after a hard day at work, to celebrate an occasion or for no reason at all. Santé is where everyday is a celebration! A place to drink with your friends & friendly strangers or just with that someone special, its your bar!
So, come to Santé & belong.. Just don’t say cheers, say, Santé!!
Location: Bandra West, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Finger Food
Known For: Authentic Ambience
Opening hours: 7 PM to 1:30 AM


Auriga Restobar

A call to all food lovers in Mumbai. Auriga is located in Mumbai’s chic Famous Studio Lane at Mahalaxmi. Auriga beckons with a subtly stunning turquoise glow at night and has been designed as a two-level restaurant-lounge with dramatic and futuristic highlights. The lounge itself – accommodating over 250 people on the ground level – is a stroke of sculptural genius, with silver triangular metal louvers that are back-lit with colour-change to invoke an ultramodern and interactive experience. For night revellers, the mood is further enhanced to house DJ’s music and a courteous but discreet staff. From the lounge, a flight of stairs sweeps up in steel-encased splendour to Auriga’s piece pièce de résistance- the wood-panelled restaurant with smooth lines and a verdant view. Auriga will be launching its café shortly with indoor/outdoor seating options and a delectable menu. Whether it is dining, partying or entertainment, Auriga offers it all under one roof.
Location: Mahalaxmi, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,800 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Asian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese
Known For: Unique Ambience
Opening hours: 12 Noon to 3 PM, 6:30 PM to 1:30 AM


The Cafe Terra

In a circus of burgeoning new restaurants in the city, experimenting and innovating to keep up with the race, Terra is unmentionable here to stay, with its secret hideout rooftop location that has been a regular for Bandraaites since years for unwinding under the stars for drinks and its diligently honest tastes in food.
The Café, Terra makes you feel as if you are in a European setting in Toscana or a quaint Spanish town, soothing to the eyes with its white interiors and hints of turquoise. The playful use of greens in plants and its roof top garden, with notes of bonsais on each table exemplify its rustic and original nature living to its name “Terra”- that means ‘earth’ in Latin. This newly renovated rooftop -Bandra -hideout exemplifies a marquee dining experience both as a result of its exceptional gastronomic standards as well as its carefully curated list of cocktails that are at par with any molecular bar or cocktail connoisseurs internationally.
Unheard cocktails such as Jalapeno Lemongrass Mojito, Vodka Caviar, Chocolate Panama and Wasabi Bloody Marry are already a hit at Terra’s “All White Super Sundays”, which is held one Sunday a month, with a line- up of International & local DJ acts and live bands wooing audiences that are dressed in pure white.
Location: Bandra West, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,800 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Asian, Cafe, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Pizza, Seafood
Known For: One of the best casual hangout options in Bandra
Opening hours: 12 Noon to 12:30 AM


3 Wise Monkeys

A pub that helps you go bananas everyother day ! Be it live music, karaoke or sport screenings; they have it all.
Location: Khar West, Mumbai
Cost: Rs. 1,600 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Cuisines: Chinese, Thai, Italian
Known For: Beer Globe
Opening hours:12 Noon to 1 AM

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