10 Signs of a Meaningful Relationship

1. You are US, more than You and I: You look at the world together. There is no disparity between your individualism and you look beyond your differences. You are more accepting and adapting to the distinct personality traits for each other.

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2. There is mutual respect: Yes, there is no difference in respect for each other. The admiration you share is in line with what you have had with your parents, siblings and best friends.

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3. There is more giving: You have the feeling of giving more than expecting and demanding. You just shower your partner with love and respect. You consider their interest first and believe in lucid well being of the other. In short, you essentially wish the best for your partner.

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4. You voice your expectations: Your expectations are more vocal than silent and lead to a peaceful relationship. You express what you need; you do not imagine your partner understanding your silent expectations. You tell them and demand from them. It makes life easy and comfortable. You know, you will not be judged over what you are expecting and even if it remains unfulfilled, you will not judge.

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5. You have personal space: Everyone has their right to privacy and that should be respected. Your partner and you understand that truly well and respect each other’s space. You do not believe there is a need to encroach the personal periphery and then feel secure.

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6. You have faith in each other: You trust and believe in one another like no other can. You know you can move mountains, if your partner is with you and you also know, the support they give is enough to push you a long way.

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7. You feel responsible towards each other: After a certain stage in life, you are over your flings and one night stands, you desire seriousness and security. Love does that, but sometimes more than love, it is the responsibility that you feel towards each other, makes you secure and confident. Responsibility is not an overnight task and doesn’t evolve like love. It takes more time and dedication to develop and once you start feeling responsible, you are safe and secure. Then there is no looking back.

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8. Physical intimacy is not the only thing: You have more to look forward to and give each other than just sex. Sex is an important factor in the relationship, but not the entire relationship. If you can spend nights together without having the urge for sex, well, you can be confident, you are in a meaningful relationship.

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9. You are best friends: You are best friends with your partner. You can be rude, naïve, carefree and off guard yourself completely with your partner. You curse, love, kiss, play, tease with no disparity. If you think of a friend to share something, and your partner strikes you first, you are in an extremely meaningful relationship.

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10. Your love knows no bounds: You love each other like you have never loved anyone else. It is filthy and pious at the same time. It is jealous and kind together. You love each other beyond the descriptions of your ideal mate. You love each other outside the boundaries of expectations and stand together like no one stood by you before. You do not just voice it, you prove it, everyday.

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