You Go GIRL!! You are CLASSY!!!

The following traits will determine if you are a Classy Woman. If you miss on few in yourself, build them up and dissolve the territory of Being Classy and Being just another woman.


1.       You are generous
2.       Hygiene is natural to you
3.       Smile is the most beautiful make up you put on
4.       You don’t overdo anything, be it fashion or your behavior
5.       You don’t steal men neither do you chase, you only choose or replace
6.       Respect yourself and walk away from anything or people who doesn’t serve you a good purpose and lower your dignity
7.       Be open and accepting to thoughts and ideas but be firm on your values
8.       You are gracious
9.       Dress to melt in the crowd, but talk to stand out
10.   Loyalty, it is the signature of Class.
-By Andrie Singh | Blogical
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Written by Andrie Singh

Andrie Singh, a Cartographer and Analyst by profession and a complete techie, is one of the writers for Blogical. An academically oriented person, National Scholar having multiple other Scholarships and Felicitations distinguish her in the field of Science & Technology. Apart from contributing her bit to Women’s Development and Animal welfare, she also harbors strong inclination towards literature. Her early contributions in this field has been as International Poetess & Essayist.She has been a relentless promoter for Women's Development, through literature and philanthropy.
Through Blogical, Andrie is here to present her bit of knowledge and understanding of shades life with utmost reason and logic. This is the Platform which is reflective of her talent as a techie, analyst and writer.