20 Reasons Why Mumbai Girls Are Totally The Best

1. We prefer to mind our own business and really don’t care what you do, how you live

 Basically, we can enjoy life without giving a damn about anyone around.

2. We are born with an amazing sense of fashion

FYI we love playing dress-ups too

3. Always dressed in our casuals yet we set a style statement that speaks volumes about itself

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

4. We are not insecure about ourselves

5. We take pride in being a working woman

and hence self-made individuals!

6. We are the most accepting lot and don’t judge you on anything

Deepika Carefree

Liberal should be our middle name

7. We are complete party freaks!

‘Work hard, party harder’, is our mantra!

8. We prefer food like Vada Pav, Pani Puri etc over McD, KFC, etc etc

…but that being said, we totally devour a 5-course meal once in a while!

9. We are unapologetically original


10. We’re born with the go-getter attitude!

11. We don’t shy away from telling you if you did something wrong


12. We appreciate intelligence and smartness more than looks


13. We can adapt very fast in a different environment


14. We are bold and beautiful

That’s what we call a complete package “beauty with brains”

15. We are confident

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear!

16. We wouldn’t bore you like rest of the girls with their blah blah n all that


17. We are strong enough to take care of ourselves


18. Hanging out with us is always fun!


19. We are ignorant though not 

After all, who doesn’t love a little drama in their lives!

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Written by Juhi Parashar

Juhi a spunky psychologist who loves life and is passionate about her field of work. She has a genuine interest in People, she loves reading people and understanding their lives. She has always been enchanted by Psychology and feels that her contribution to the society is when she helps someone through her knowledge of the subject. Everytime she helps a patient, she feels a sense of fulfillment, knowing she has made a difference to someone's life today. she is here on Blogical to contribute with her psychological insights and knowledge of general psychological well-being.