9 Signs You Have An Emotional Connect With Your iPhone!

1. You have bought more covers for your iPhone than you ever bought clothes for yourself.


2. It made your selfie game 10X times strongerl!


3. You love having your fingers all over that keypad!


4. Because you can touch, and touch, and touch your iPhone all day long.


5. You can forget to respond to your family/friends, never to your iPhone.

6. A word about your iPhone and Bam! It’s WAR!


7. It connects you to every person in your life!


8. You tend to choose your iPhone over your love!



9. The day somebody compares your iPhone with another brand…

You better run for your life.

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Last updated on 14/11/2017 2:14 am

Written by Maneessha. C

Maneessha Choudhary is an amateur writer of several short case studies. She is the pseudonymous creator of a number of blog series as well.
Having completed her post Grads from one of the well known business schools in Mumba, she is currently associated with a successful NBFC as the West Region Head-Sales.Having excelled in the sector of consumer durables and electronics, Maneessha has a new found interest for gadgets and electronic product specs & features. She has been a part of numerous national events highlighting the growth of modern India/globalisation and their effects on women's rights.Best known for her chick lit fictions and the subjects pertaining to today's society, Maneessha brings across a fresh breeze of thoughts to "BLOGICAL" with her innovative writing and putting a light to the on goings across the globe.She strongly believes that Blogical is the Mirror that reflects the different arena of your personality and makes you aware of the instances around you. Its nothing but a sheer pleasure for her to contribute all the knowledge she has, for the blogical Audiences.